I just wanted to thank you so much for the course this weekend. Really enjoyed it and it’s got me thinking… which is the really important thing.Really useful to be reminded of all those basic things which I used to know more about until auto this and that made me lazy, and really exciting to see what is now possible on Lightroom which I will definitely get involved with, although I expect it will be a long time, if ever, before I get to your skill level! Amazing what lovely photos you made us all achieve.. with your final flourish… in Caversham. I hope your course flourishes! Thank you so much. Best wishes Neil – Stoke Row

I love your re-vamped website. It is a total transformation and absolutely superb. I just popped by on your site to say thank you very much for your fantastic 2 day course. I learned so much and your style of teaching made it easy to assimilate the learning. The course was fun filled. I have found a renewed confidence with my camera and it now enables me to apply my learning with confidence leading to improved photographs. You reduced technicalities to simplicities and this has changed how I shall now address my picture taking. I shall be back to enhance my learning after consolidating the knowledge from the last couple of days. Shooting in the RAW and without removing my coat. I will recommend you to my friends without doubt. Mark – Winchester

Many thanks for your course, it was really interesting, I enjoyed a lot. Hopefully I will improve thanks to your advises..Kind regards – Etienne

I am sorry I haven’t got back to you sooner. I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the weekend course with you. I found it constructive and enlightening, and found it great fun to find out how to use my camera more effectively. I have also got photshop elements now. I have been out with my camera, trying out all sorts of settings and methods, uploading the files and manipulating them with photoshop. – Noel

I feel really motivated to use my camera and develop them with photoshop, now. Thanks for all the help you have given me. - Noel

Many thanks for the information you passed to us on the Digital Photography Course at your studio. I thought that the course was set at the right level and gave us much food for thought in the way we used our cameras. Kind regards – Tony

Many thanks for a very informative and enjoyable 2 day course. Having looked at your website I see that I need to register my interest for the next portrait course you plan to run. I would love to attend this and will keep checking the website for dates, but I would like to book myself onto one of these when you next run one. Kind regards - Nikki

Just wanted to say a big thank you for the weekend . I learned a lot and surprised myself with what i already knew. Really did enjoy it. I think Emma and i are gonna book up for the Portrait course very soon ..possibly March. Look forward to seeing you again. Regards – Steve, Kent

We had an amazing time thank you so much. As I said when we left, it must be the best present we could ever have bought for Maddie. Of course as well as showing her Dad her wonderful photographs we also shared our shopping list for our birthdays in the summer. We are off to Austria next week skiing and will enjoy working on white balance!  I have raved about the course at work today and have already been asked for your card as a colleague thought it would be a perfect gift for her partner. I will send your web address to her. It was lovely to meet you and great to learn that everyone can take better photos than they imagined they would, even me. Best wishes and thanks - Anne

I wanted to get in touch again and just let you know how much better my photography has been since taking the one-to-one course with you. I did a photo shoot for two yoga teachers in Turkey, and then I’ve just come back from London where I did a photo shoot for a friend of mine. I have attached a few of the photos… I still need to work on my composition and practice getting my settings spot on, but I’m getting there. Just wanted to show you and say thank you for the encouragement with my idea to combine the yoga & photography, and as per your suggestion I have managed to get some great low-key photos as we discussed (I haven’t yet bought studio lighting), I managed to get a great set-up in my friend’s house where she had black curtains on her big Victorian windows, it worked a treat. Best wishes, - Hanri

Amazing – thank you! - Fiona

Firstly I would like to say a HUGE thank you for your course last weekend, I learnt SO much and am VERY excited about going to Mexico on Sat with my new 70-300mm lens and tripod and will use those invaluable skills you taught me there. Hope to send yo some beautiful pics on my return.- Naomi

Thanks for the course!! really enjoyed it! I have bought my copy of Photoshop so I’m committed now. Thanks again! - Matt

Apologies for the delay in writing, just wanted to drop you a line and say thanks on behalf of Vicki and myself on our two day stint at the school a few weeks ago, was a great refresher for me and Vicki enjoyed it. As I mentioned if you want me to bring the bike over in the spring, let me know, happy for you to disappear for ten minutes on it ….Have a great xmas and speak soon, if you have any students that want a reference before booking I’m happy to oblige. – Pietro

I just wanted to email to thank you so much for a fantastic day yesterday at the one day course with Alison.  I cannot believe how much I have learnt and how well you were able to teach it to us ‘at our level’!  You pitched it just right and I’m really excited about trying out everything I’ve learnt.  I’ve actually just bought Photoshop Elements, a UV filter and a hood for my camera so it won’t be long hopefully until I’m fiddling around with my pictures and making them look amazing! Huge thank you. With best wishes - Sara

I wanted to thank you for making my weekend one of the most interesting and enjoyable ones. I have learnt things which I knew about but did not know how to make use of them. The numbers are getting into place now and hopefully will get better with practice. Thanks again. – Aysha

Just wanted to send a quick note to say thank you for the course last weekend. I thoroughly enjoyed it and learnt loads that I plan to put to good use. Thanks – 

I just wanted to say a big thank you for a fantastic course last weekend. I learnt more in those 2 days than I have ever done from reading books. I now feel confident enough to never have to use auto again! I will be recommending your course to all my photographer friends. Can you keep me on your mailing list please so I can learn more! Kind regards - Adrian

Thanks very much for yesterday, I had a great time with learning and look forward to testing my new found skills at home this weekend, a great teaching style and very informative. By the end of the day my brain was pumping in overdrive but I am pleased I stayed on to learn the magic of light. Take care and possible see you soon for a top up of knowledge. - Andrew

Thank you so much for the 2-day beginners to advanced course this week. On morning of day one I honestly had not taken a photograph with my new DSLR camera. Mark spent the morning giving us simple guidelines which at the time felt like information overload. Then -the magic – He immediately took us into a hands on session which put the information into practice and made perfect sense! This was how the course was structured over the 2 days and a perfect way to learn. Moving images, still life, landscapes, street photography, tele-photo, wide angle. All covered with simple terminology and practice. Great fun and really creative. Sue – Weymouth